PROVA®Warranty Registration Form


Thank you for your PROVA® product purchase! We know you are going to love it, so let’s make sure it’s covered for years to come.

Please follow the simple steps below, and we’ll have your purchase registered in no time. If an alleged manufacturing defect presents itself, we will have access to a record of your purchase.

1. Please ensure the products you are looking to register are mentioned in the chart below. The product or system must be registered within 60 days of the date of purchase.


PROVA® Limited Warranty  Warranty Type Warranty Duration
PROVA® Tile Installation Products   Lifetime Installation Warranty Lifetime

PROVA® Waterproofing and Shower Products 


Product Warranty 10 years
PROVA TILE EDGE® Product Warranty 5 years
PROVA® Underlayment Products Product Warranty 50 years


   *For full warranty details and exclusions, please review the warranty documents that came included with your products or click on one of the links in the chart.

2. Please fill in the fields below :
By completing the registration form below, a record of your purchase will be saved in the unfortunate event that the product malfunctions during the warranty period.

(Lifetime warranties require a receipt of an ANSI A118.15 polymer-modified thinset mortar as well)